About Us


MDI vision is to increasingly deepen and forge interconnected prosperous Africa and the World where physical commodities cross- borders seamlessly from their point of origin to point of need.

We add value to the global trade in natural resources and supplying high-tech capital equipment by developing exceptional service and performance across the global supply value-chains.


We are advancing trade and investment by forging strong bonds with commodity producers, processors and end-users. As a global advance physical trading vehicle.

MDI Business Ethical Values

   Reliable: We have reliable sources of supply, storage, transportation, and logistics to deliver on spec-physical commodities where and when needed.

   Efficient : We emphasize service and operational efficiency in a high volume and in low margin business. We have partnered with efficient local and regional infrastructure, multimodal logistics to streamline and simplify value-chains.

   Responsible: We apply consistent standards globally and operate responsibly in a wide range of political, social and cultural environment. As an entity, we expect our personnel to act with high degree of integrity in dealing with clients.

   Accountable: We remain accountable to sourcing, supplying and delivering required standards, quantity and quality commodities at a reasonable time.