We source, store, blend and deliver commodities in our African continent to foster intra-Africa trade and Investment.

We source raw commodities from miners, producers, source and supply high-tech capital equipment, to manufacturers, refineries, beneficiations, smelters, and liquefaction plants.

We supply end-users, including industries, state agencies, manufacturers, utilities, power plants, energy retailers, health facilities, construction companies, with the processed commodities they need.

We source professional services including engineering services, financial services, project management services.

Minerals and Metal commodities

We work with mining companies, smelters, utilities, metal retailers, manufacturers and end-users

We form strategic alliance, negotiate offtake agreements and develop downstream outlets

Sourcing and Supply of high-tech Capital Equipment

We Source and supply high-tech mining, metal, health and agricultural capital equipments to our customers.

We inspire to be an independent Africa's leader in minerals, mining products and metal traders, in buying and selling tons and move them highly efficiently.

Our partners are utilities, manufacturers, refiners, beneficiations, and major companies.

Sourcing and supply of world-class professional services

We source and supply world-class professional services including mining and metal engineering service, financial and project management services.

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